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At Winteck Nig Ltd, we study the customer and ask ourselves how we can be of use to the customer, how exactly we can help the customer to improve productivity and performance while keeping in mind sustainability of the system.

We help our customers by keeping up to date in equipment and machinery technology worldwide, we represent a handful of international/foreign industry, while making sure that the local industry is been encouraged by training and re-training of individuals and staff.We make sure that equipments,machinery and service is delivered promptly and within the contract agreement time.

We do what we do because we at Winteck, we understand the importance of technology in the improvement of an economy. We understand that with the right technology in place, productivity and efficiency will increase, thus reducing lost work hours.We understand that with increase in production,innovation will sprout, new jobs will be created and there’ll be an improvement in the said economy. We believe in R&D as a tool for improving the technological status of a nation so we take pleasure in making sure that the right equipment and technology is in place for the development.

Rockwell Hardness Testers

Anesthesia-Machine-Aeon 7800A


Interior Furniture for Schools

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